Signs & Symptoms

  • Spending non-discretionary money on gambling
  • Increase in gambling time and places
  • Increase in size of bets (sudden and dramatic)
  • Working up special occasions for gambling (canceling other plans)
  • Intensity of interest in gambling (constant tension & excitement)
  • Boasting about winning; evasive about losing
  • Exaggerated display of money and other possessions
  • Gambling when there is a crisis
  • Drop off in other, usual, activities
  • Frequent absences from home and work
  • Excessive phone use
  • Withdrawal from family
  • Personality changes (increased irritability/hostility)
  • Diversion of family funds


Center of Recovery-CORE is a place of help and hope for problem gamblers and their families. CORE was conceived in 1998 with the sole purpose of providing treatment for those whose lives have been adversely affected by gambling. At inception, CORE was the only state funded facility of its kind in the United States. The funding is provided by the Louisiana Office of Behavioral Health. CORE is a residential facility located in the historic Highland area of Shreveport and provides 24-hour monitoring of the residents to address complex diagnostic issues, serious relapse factors and medical psychiatric instability. The setting, while structured, offers family-like daily living and a home-like atmosphere for 21 adult male and female residents. Handicap access is available.

Following an assessment to determine each person's individual treatment needs the residents enter the program. The treatment includes group therapy, individual counseling, education, financial/budget planning, recreation therapy and introduction to the 12 Step recovery program. The treatment team includes counselors, therapists and other health care professionals. Physicians and nurses are on call and the program has a spiritual component to address concerns of multiple and/or cross addictions. Families are encouraged to participate in the therapy sessions planned for them.

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