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Louisiana Problem Gambler's Helpline

TOLL FREE 1-877-770-STOP (7867)

The Louisiana Problem Gamblers Help Line is a toll-free, confidential information and referral line that assists individuals in the state of Louisiana who may be affected by gambling problems. This includes providing information to people who want help to stop gambling, family members who are concerned about a loved one, or a person in recovery from gambling who is searching for a GA meeting. In addition, we talk to individuals from throughout the state who have a question on any other addiction and direct them to the proper resource.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who answers when I call the Helpline?  You’re speaking with a trained and certified Helpline Specialist.  He/she is well-versed in the dynamics of compulsive gambling, addictive disorders, and suicide.  The Specialist will provide you with information for services in your area.

Are the people answering the phone counselors?  The Helpline is an information and referral service.  Although specialists are empathic and knowledgeable, they do not offer advice or counseling.  They can refer you to a qualified counselor in your area.

Can I trust the people I talk to?  The Helpline, and all LACG services, fall under the confidentiality protections of the Federal Code, specifically 42 CFR Part 2, which bike games Kids games concerns protection of records.  No calls are recorded.  Helpline Specialists adhere to a Code of Ethics further protecting the identity and information of a caller.

How many people call the Helplines?  The call volume varies, of course, but for November, 2011 Helpline Specialists answered 2,430 calls from Louisiana.  Over 500 of these were paired with helping resources in their city or Parish.  The Problem Gamblers Helpline answers for many states and responded to 6,000 calls in November 2011.  Since its founding in 2000 the Helpline has answered over 1,000,000 calls!

Why is the Helpline needed?  The short answer is that most people are unaware that help is available for residents suffering from out-of-control gambling.  The Louisiana Problem Gamblers Helpline was established to inform residents about available helping services, including treatment services, for problem gambling.  In Louisiana there is no cost to the resident for counseling services, including outpatient and residential treatment.  Many people, including those in the medical and helping professions, are not aware of the resources available statewide to intervene with problem and compulsive gambling.  A resource directory of services and qualified practitioners is maintained by the Helpline.

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Louisiana Problem Gamblers Helpline           1- 877-770-7867


A Brief History of the Helpline

The Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling began taking calls to the Louisiana Problem Gambler’s Helpline January 1, 2000.  Very quickly the Helpline was handling 5,000 calls a month.  The ability of the Helpline to provide information and referrals to the many callers was noted by other states and in 2003 LACG began answering Problem Gamblers Helplines in other states.  In 2012 Helpline Operations answers for 20 states in addition to its primary service to Louisiana residents.

The Helplines are answered by trained and experienced full-time and part-time specialists 24/7.