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Fox 33 - Compulsive gambling: Road to recovery

Many people know the fun side of gambling but when the game becomes addictive, life's challenges are reality. 
One recovering compulsive gambler, named Carol, knows the struggles of compulsive gambling. 
"I became a gambling addict. My life was out of control. You manipulate, you lie, you steal, you cheat people. You borrow money that you never pay back. It's a horrible addiction and we sweep it under the rug a lot because we're labeled as bad people," she said.
Carol's journey led to four months in jail. She had learned about free treatment in Louisiana for people with gambling problems years before her incident. She says she even called a hotline and received a packet but never followed through. Carol decided to go to CORE (The Center of Recovery) in Shreveport after her release. 
"In March, it will be six years that I have not placed a bet," she said.
She now works for the Gambler's Helpline, where she can remind people on a daily basis, that they're not alone. 
"We have so wrecked everything financially and it doesn't cost us anything to get help," she said.
The Executive Director of The Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling (LACG), Janet Miller, says "recent research show that three to five percent of Louisiana residents who gamble, develop a gambling addiction."
There is dedicated state funding to help compulsive gamblers and their families. Anyone in Louisiana can call the confidential number, 1-877-770-STOP (7867) to learn about resources that are available. Someone will do an assessment to see if there is an issue or where to go for help.
"There's no reason to suffer with this addiction. There's no reason to stay hidden and invisible when there is so much help," said Miller. 

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By Chenelle Terry |
Published 11/07 2016 10:56PMUpdated 11/07 2016 11:13PM

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