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KTBS 3 - Recovering gambler speaks out about his addiction

(SHREVEPORT, LA) - A recovering gambler shared how his addiction started, and how bad the problem got. Martin said a trip with a friend to Sin City around 2006 is to blame for his gambling disorder. "I ended up staying in Las Vegas trying to be a professional gambler. That lasted about six months, within that amount of time, I lost everything that I owned," said Martin. Martin's addiction grew worse. He abandoned family and friends from his home state of California. "I began my journey, from state to state trying to escape my addiction," said Martin. He ended up in Louisiana, where he was still gambling. Martin says he lost everything but his car and clothes while running from his problem. His car became his home. Martin says he'll never forget looking at his rear view mirror and seeing 127°F "It took some situations like that and experiences like that to make me realize I needed some help," said Martin. He reached out to the Louisiana Association of Compulsive Gambling, that's when he found out about the Center of Recovery, also called CORE.Click Here for more on this story.

Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling 
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Tel:(318) 227-0883 
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Center of Recovery-CORE 
635 Stoner Ave. -
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Intake # 1-877-587-LACG (5224)
Fax:(318) 424-4355 Intake # 1-877-587-LACG (5224)

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